How it works ?

STAROS Search is a revolutionary semantic search engine, powered by artificial intelligence, designed to facilitate your research in spectroscopy. Whether you are an astronomy professional, a student, or an enthusiast, this interface allows you to easily access a wealth of spectroscopic data.

A Rapidly evolving tool

Although this new application is a relatively new and still developing tool, it is evolving quickly. We are tirelessly working to expand its capabilities and features to better meet your spectroscopic research needs.

Current features

Currently, this interface offers you the ability to:

  • Access all data from various STAROS observation campaigns.
  • Access the professional spectroscopic database Melchiors.

Where to start?

Using STAROS Search is simple, you just have to ask what you want. Here are some example commands you can use:

  • all alphadra staros datas or all alpha draconis staros spectra: Displays all STAROS data related to the Alpha Draconis observation campaign.
  • all 10 lac staros datas: Displays all STAROS data related to the Alpha Draconis observation campaign.
Note than "all staros datas" prompt is not accepted for limited amount of datas. But, if you are logged in with your STAROS account, you can consult all your datas without limitations:

  • Show me all my staros datas : Displays all your STAROS datas, from all observation campaigns.
  • I want to see all my alphacyg staros spectra: Displays your specific STAROS datas for the Alpha Cygni campaign..
  • I want to see all Melchiors stars : Displays the list of all stars in Melchiors database.
  • Melchiors list : You can also juste type quick command for show all stars in Melchiors database.
  • Melchiors HD 114710 : Displays the spectrum of Thuban from the Melchiors database.
  • I want to see Melchiors 10 lac: Displays the spectrum of 10 Lacertae from the Melchiors database.

For optimal search, it is recommended to use the HD names of objects, for example: Show me Melchiors HD 214680 for 10 lacertae.